Radtenna  Design Sevices

Radtenna  offers a wide range of Antenna and RF design services, specializing in IOT and Wearables . Whether you are looking for one-off independent advice  to ensure your design  is on the right track or you require  the  design of a fully  bespoke antenna or RF system, Radtenna can help.

Embedded Antenna Design

Antenna Dielectric Calculation
Whatever wireless technology your product uses, embedding the antenna into your design can reduce the overall product cost and size. With over 20 years’ experience designing embedded antennas for a variety of companies, technologies and products, from signal frequency applications such as Bluetooth, Sigfox and LoRa to multiband GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi systems, Radtenna can provide the solution to meet your needs.

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Antenna Matching

Antenna Tuning​ 

No matter how much effort is put into the design stage, when the first prototypes are produced there will be variables which are likely to cause some divergence from theoretical performance. Variations in the antenna substrate and case plastic dielectric, together with the influence of other close structures, such as batteries and connectors can combine to detune the antenna away from the intended frequency. Correctly tuning the antenna for its real-world environment is therefore an essential part of product development.

Antenna Performance Measurement

SIDRAT Antenna Test
To fully understand the performance of an antenna, it’s important to measure the radiated performance.  This is best achieved using a fully anechoic chamber, which removes unwanted reflections which would otherwise disrupt the measurement.
Radtenna provides Antenna Testing Services to characterize the antenna’s radiated performance. The key performance parameters measured include: peak gain, gain versus angle, efficiency, directivity, polarization and the 2D or 3D far field radiation patterns. The fully Anechoic test chamber and associated measurement equipment operate within the 0.8GHz to 8GHz frequency range and is therefore suitable for measuring antenna performance for a vast range of wireless technologies.

For more information regarding Antenna Measurement Services, please see the Antenna Measurement Services page. 

Independent Consulting 

If you're not sure what type of antenna will work best with your product concept or whether an off the shelf or bespoke design will be more suitable, I can provide completely independent analysis and recommendations. I can help with specifications, recommend suppliers/design houses and provide integration and test support. Whether you require a one-off consultation to set you on the correct path or full design cycle support, I would be happy to discuss your requirements.

For help preparing  for the embedded antenna design for an upcoming project, please read the Radtenna Embedded Antenna Design Guide

RF Circuit and System Design  

With a strong background in developing Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, DECT and Wi-Fi consumer electronics; from initial concept, prototype, pilot production to providing on-going support in full production, I can provide the design and development support to meet you project needs. I have specific expertise in the design of RF, analogue, digital circuits and productization of small consumer/IOT devices and wearables.

I have a myriad of contacts and partners throughout the industry, who can provide firmware development, mechanical design, PCB design and manufacture/assembly.