Custom Antenna Design

It’s a competitive world and developing a successful wireless product that meets the requirements of today’s tech savvy customers requires a highly diverse team of engineers and designers. Creating a reliable and efficient wireless subsystem requires a unique skill set and employing a full time specialist Antenna Designer maybe beyond the budget of many SME’s.  Radtenna have the knowledge, skills and equipment to design a custom antenna  and ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.           

​Why Choose a Custom Antenna Design ?

A custom antenna allows the designer to make best use of the space inside of the product, which can significantly improve the efficiency of the antenna when compared to generic off-the-shelf solutions. An efficient custom antenna design will maximize wireless range and potentially reduce power consumption of your product.

A bespoke antenna  can also significantly reduce the overall BOM cost.  Of-the-shelf antenna solutions can be prohibitively expensive, whilst in many cases, a custom design could cost just a couple of cents per unit.

For help preparing  for the embedded antenna design for an upcoming project, please read the Radtenna  Embedded Antenna Design Guide .  

For information regarding some of the typical embedded antenna types, please download the Choosing an Embedded antenna guide.

​Why Select Radtenna ?

With over 20 year’s designing custom antennas for a variety of national and international companies, I have a wealth of design experience in multiple application sectors. Recent clients include a multinational telecoms equipment provider, a European wearables developer and several UK based start-ups.  I have a fully equipped lab with all the necessary development tools and equipment. Working from a low cost base, I can provide a very competitive service without compromising on quality. 

​Flexable Approach 

Although I typically work out of my home office, I am happy work at the clients’ premises when necessary, both in the UK and overseas. I like to build long term relationships with my customers and although some prefer fixed short-term arrangements, I have several clients that use my services on an ad hoc basis, sometimes for just a few hours a month.


 All of my work is carried out in the strictest confidence and I do not disclose any client information without their express permission. I will also make potential clients aware of any possible conflict of interest. I am very happy to sign mutual NDA’s when appropriate.


As I mostly work from home, I do not have the overheads of some of the larger design houses. This allows me to offer services at very competitive rates. For further information on costs and to discuss your requirements, please call +44  (0) 7736 869697 or email me via the contact page.