​​ DECT Site Surveys

DECT site survey
If your organisation has a large deployment of DECT phones or headsets, or you are considering a major DECT installation. A DECT site survey will help to give you confidence to move forward with your plans or highlight any potential interference or density issues, both of which could save you time and money.

DECT is a tried and tested technology operating in a protected, licence free frequency band. As such, it’s ideal for mission critical, short range, wireless voice communications applications and is often the go to solution for large scale deployments in banks, dealing rooms and technical support centres. However, like most wireless systems, DECT has a limited number of channels, meaning that in high density applications, interference can occur. This can limit the usable range or result in audio distortion. In extreme cases, interference can lead to missed and dropped calls.
DECT Wireless
Potential installation numbers can also be limited by factors which are not under the control of the installing organisation. Often, companies are located in multi tenanted buildings or adjacent to offices which have their own DECT systems. These systems, whether standalone handset/headset installations or complete DECT infrastructure systems, can contribute interference and reduce potential install density.

A DECT site survey will provide a unique insight into the deployment of DECT equipment internally and externally to your facility, allowing your organisation to make informed choices regarding current and future DECT deployments.

Radtenna are not affiliated with any equipment manufacture and will therefore provide a completely independent, unbiased survey.

Prices start from £350.00. Please call 07736 869697 or use the contact form to obtain a quote.