Client Projects in 2018

Please note that for reasons of client confidentially, I am unable to give specific project details or name clients.  However, should a potential client require references, I would be happy, with the client's agreement, to provide the appropriate contact details.    

​The list below is not comprehensive and does not include much of the short-term antenna tuning and consultancy work which makes up much of Radtenna's day to day activities.

​Design of LoRa Antenna

Design and testing of LoRa 868Mz PCB antenna for remote control lighting application.

​Design of two LTE antennas

Design of two suspended plate LTE antennas for a UK based mobile communications infrastructure /service provider. The client had very specific requirements for radiation pattern shape and physical geometry.

​Design of planar LTE antenna

Design of LTE PCB planar sleeve dipole antenna for a UK based antenna sales and distribution company. The Radtenna design replaced an existing product extending low frequency performance and increasing the overall LTE band efficiency.

​433 MHz antenna for medical appliaction

 Design of ultra-small 433 MHz antenna for an in-vivo medical application. 

​Analysis of multiple commercial GSM and LTE antennas.

Measurement of multiple commercially available antennas, both at the Radtenna 3D scanning facility and on-site at the client’s end user location. The associate report provided comparative 2D, 3D and efficiency data for each antenna and deployment recommendations for various use case scenarios. 
On Site Antenna Measurement
On site antenna perfomance mearsurement 

​ Analysis and redesign of NFC coil antenna

Analysis and redesign of an NFC reader antenna matching circuit for a security company. The new design increased the useable reader range by over 50%.

​Tuning and 3D pattern measurememt of a Bluetooth chip antenna 

Tuning and 3d pattern measurement of a USB dongle based Bluetooth chip antenna for a UK cyber security company

​Design of PCB based antenna for a  Sigfox water metering application

Design, prototyping and testing of an 868MHz Planar Sleeve dipole antenna for water metering application.  The complete design process, from initial contact to delivery of final prototypes took less than three weeks.
Quadband PCB antenna
Near perfect 3D radiation pattern of the Sigfox planar sleeve dipole

​Design of PCB based antenna for a  Bluetooth wearable

Design of   Bluetooth antenna for a European based  Wearables company. 

​Design of PCB based BLE antenna for a medical startup

Design of a 2.4 GHz embedded PCB antenna for a BLE medical Wearable device. The Client is located in the USA.

​Pre-Confomance EMC testing and consultancy 

Pre-confomance EMC testing and consultancy for a data logger product.  
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